Don’t poo poo this idea as it’s stinkingly good.

If you live with a loo dweller (you know the ones – they take tomes into the bathroom and disappear for hours at a time) or you are self conscious about your bottom habits, then this fun Aesop post-poo deodoriser is perfect for all your bathroom needs.

Now, we have to admit that this is not a brand new product launch but we believe it hasn’t achieved its potent potential so thought we would be doing you all a favour if we spread the word. This is a collaboration between trendy fashion pack label A.P.C. and designer skincare brand Aesop to create what is essentially a designer loo freshener to tackle this first world problem.

Featuring crisp mandarin and lemon peel notes fortified with rich floral elements, Post- poo drops’s will sort out any disagreeable whiffs of embarrassment and unpleasant smells. No smelly abodes here.

Surely this has to be the ultimate gift for the person who has everything apart from perfect poos?


Dispense three drops into the toilet bowl post-flush. Additional drops in the hand basin will intensify the aroma, to the benefit of subsequent visitors.