If you are looking for a more-ish canapé that is light in taste but packed with flavour, look not further. Nestled in a crisp croustade case the prawn and mango balance each other perfectly in a marinade of sweet chilli sauce and coriander. Perfect for a casual canapé with good friends and a nice aperitif.

What You’ll Need

1 x 200g raw prawns (small size prawns are best)

handful of coriander (approx 10g)

1 mango (small cubes)

2 tbsp hot chilli dipping sauce

Squeeze of lime juice

Dollop of Laterra Mexican savoury sweet mango sauce (optional)

Quick Tip
Spoon the mixture into the croustades just before serving to make sure they retain a crispy bite

Step by step

Drain any water from the prawns and pat dry with a paper towel & place in a bowl

Roughly chop up coriander and add to the prawns

Cube the mango. Slice a chunk on either side of the pith & make a slice with a knife vertically & then horizontally (see photo). Then slice off the cubes into the bowl. For an alternative and super clever tutorial of cutting a mango using a glass click here.

Add about 2 tablespoons of chilli dipping sauce and a dollop of Laterra Mexican savoury sweet mango sauce

Mix all the ingredients together then cover with cling film and leave in the fridge to marinate for at least an hour.

To Serve

Place a teaspoon full of the prawn and mango mixture into each croustade case and you’re good to go!

You should be able to fill about two dozen cases with his amount of mix. If you have any leftover you can toss it on a salad for a quick and easy lunch option.

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