Does it feel like you are rushed of your feet with scarcely a moment to pause? How can you slow things down and fit in more of what you want to do in 3 easy steps?

Identify your Priorities

It is easy to fall into a routine of doing, doing, doing. Spend some time thinking about what is important to you: family, work, exercise, money, friends, study, health, helping others, love, hobbies. Remember there are no wrong answers here. Once you have a clear list of priorities, compare it to where those things sit in your life at the moment. Identify an ideal world and what it would look like when your priorities are in balance.

Make a plan

Do you feel you are so busy that you don’t have time to plan? You are forever running from one task to the next and feel overwhelmed with all the plates that you are juggling. Again, step back. Find a quiet moment when you can look at what needs to happen over the next few weeks and what you would like to happen. Just for interest’s sake, where are the priorities that you identified at the beginning of this article? I hope that they are in the ‘needs to happen’ rather than ‘nice to happen list’!

Making the time to plan will help you achieve more and will take some of the pressure off. Be realistic about what needs to be done. See Get Your Sh*T Together for more details on writing the perfect To Do List.

Make things non-negotiable

For example, you want to exercise 3 times a week. Find three slots in the next week where you could exercise. Now block them in. Make them non-negotiable just like other commitments that are set in stone such as eating, sleeping and work.

Make sure that the non-negotiable items in your week stay that way. Ask yourself what is most likely to stop you doing what you want to do. Remember the obstacles could be caused by your mindset rather than physical tasks. Some people learn to put their needs below everyone else’s and feel guilty if they do anything for themselves.

Coaching can be a great way of identifying faulty thinking and helping your change your outlook on life. Looking after yourself mentally and physically is essential. You will be no use to yourself or anyone else if you run out of steam.

Including what is important to you in your day to day life will make you happier, more productive  and you will feel more in control. It’s a win, win situation!

Changing your mindset can be hard, but just like with any new habit, practice will make it easier and soon it will feel automatic.  If you want further help on creating change and reducing stress in your life then check out Sophie at Essential Focus Coaching.