People who say there is no recipe for love have obviously never tasted these little heart shaped numbers!  Your Valentines Day Starter is the first course in our love menu to get your evening off to a great start. This roasted vegetable & feta tartlet is piled high with roasted butternut squash, sweet potato, red onions and peppers, topped with crumbled feta and pine nuts. It’s best served warm with a handful of rocket but equally delicious from the fridge the next day. The recipe is for four tartlets, not that we expect you will be double dating on Valentines Day but just so there’s enough for seconds!

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What You’ll Need (makes 4 tartlets)

  •  250g butternut squash & sweet potato mixed
  • 1 medium red onion sliced
  • handful pine nuts
  • 1 red pepper cubed
  • A flat sheet of shop bought puff pastry (at room temperature)
  • 10 or so cherry tomatoes
  • 1 egg
  • Rocket to garnish
  • Approx 100g feta
  • S&P, Olive oil

This is a perfect recipe for a vegetarian option at your next dinner party. Perhaps without the hearts though!


  1. Heat oven to 180C.
  2. Dice vegetables to roughly the same size, drizzle with olive oil and seasoning and pop in the oven for approx 25 mins. Keep the tomatoes and pine nuts aside. Give the vegetables an odd shuffle so that the edges don’t burn. Add the cherry tomatoes for the last 10 mins of cooking.
  3. Next, uncurl your pastry sheet onto a lightly floured surface. Using a heart shaped cutter carefully cut the heart shapes out of the pastry. Remember you will need a border so that the edges will rise so leave enough space for the vegetables to sit.
  4. Now very lightly score a border around the heart and lightly brush with egg wash. This is so that the edge will brown and rise.  We left about half an inch on ours.
  5. Remove the roasted vegetables and allow to cool to avoid soggy pastry!
  6. Meanwhile pan fry a handful of pine nuts in a tiny bit of olive oil until they are lightly browned and remove from heat.
  7. Place the pastry hearts on a lightly floured tray and arrange the cooled vegetables on top. Then add  some crumbled feta and top with pine nuts.
  8. Pop back in the oven for about 15mins at 180C or until golden brown around the edges.
  9. Drizzle with a little more olive oil before serving with a little side of rocket.

Score a faint line inside the edge of the heart shape so that it will rise.

Pile the vegetables high adding the pine nuts & feta.


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