As the seasons change so do our wardrobes. It is now time to sort and store our clothes so that we can dress appropriately for the weather (and find something warm to wear!).

Sorting clothes out now will make a huge difference next year when it is time to unpack for a new season so here are our top tips to sort and store your clothes this Autumn.


1. Empty your wardrobe

 Okay. This is the scary part. It is almost impossible to sort through things one at a time so go for it. Empty your wardrobe and drawers on to your bed and start afresh.

2. Work Out Your Requirements

 If you have loads of space then you may be able to keep all of your clothes in your bedroom but ideally you need ‘out of season‘ clothes to be ‘out of mind‘. Think about where you are going to store your clothes and what items you need to store them safely. John Lewis and Ikea have a great selection of storage solutions for clothes.
Plastic storage containers can be used for storing clothes, although if you leave any moths in the clothing, they will no doubt have a feast. Fabric boxes can also be used for temporary storage.

Mothballs stink so now experts recommend Cedar blocks or cedar lined storage to prevent the little critters feasting on our fashion. Lavendar sachets are also good as they will keep your items moisture free and smelling fragrant.

Remember that your storage area must be Clean, Cool, Dark, and Dry.

3. Sort As You Go.

Pick up each item of clothing and make a firm decision. Don’t procrastinate or you will end up with a huge pile of clothes at the end which will still need sorting. If in doubt, donate or dump.

The best way to sort things out is to create a pile for each of the following

Donate, Dump, Sell, Store and Mend.

Decisions, Decisions….. If you find it tricky to part with things then check out our feature on 10 steps to decluttering your life

4. Check and Clean Before Storing

If it needs washing, mending or dry-cleaning then now is the time to do it. If you find any moths or mini-bugs then wash and check carefully before storing or store every item in individual moth bags. Taking the time to do this will prevent you from pulling out your favourate things next year to find out they have been munched.

5. Hang or Fold

Now you should be left with all the items that you will wear this season and they can be put away ready for day to day use.

The remaining pile (once donate, dump, Sell and Mend) have been removed need to be stored.

Now, whether to Hang or Fold

Jumpers – FOLD. These should be carefully folded and stacked loosely.

Shirts – FOLD or HANG. If structured cotton then HANG, if jersey or softer material then these can be folded.

Trousers – FOLD or HANG. If structured then  HANG but jeans and soft cotton can be folded.

Dresses – HANG. Ensure hanging loops are used to support the garment and cover with a loose garment bag.

Jackets and Coats – HANG. Do up any zips or buttons and hang inside garment bags.

Accessories These can be rolled up and placed altogether in a plastic or fabric container. If you want to truly OCD (we love it) then keep all similar items together for ease when unpacking.



Divide your clothes into 4 piles whilst sorting.


Fill a big bin liner of anything that is out of date, too small or that you haven’t EVER worn. There are charity shops, collections and clothes bins all over the country so there is no excuse. It gives you a nice feeling too!


Anything torn, scruffy, broken can and SHOULD be binned.


If you can be bothered to sell pre-loved items then do so. Ebay or our top pick Vestiere Collective for Designer gear. Store


Any out of season items (summer dresses, bikinis etc) including special occasion wear can be stored.

Clean & Mend

Anything that needs dry-cleaning or mending should be taken ASAP.


Everything else can be organised in your current wardrobe space so that it is ready to go.


Photography courtesy of Parker Burchfield and Christian Fregnan on Unsplash