We’re delighted to introduce a guest chef this month; Marcia Barrington, an experienced and talented food chef and creative who works between London & Valencia. Marcia has created some wonderful summer al fresco inspired recipes especially for Morello Life. We are sure you will love them.
You can check Marcia’s work out on Instagram @marciabarrington
And now, over to Marcia …

I thought about asking you to make pastry but then decided against it. Nowadays, ready-made ‘all butter’ short-crust is easy to get hold of. Even better – M&S sell some excellent all butter ready-made tartlet cases that are a brilliant shortcut when you don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen. I fill these strawberry tarts using a good quality crème fraiche. You just need to add some vanilla bean paste and a little orange zest and you are done!

What You Need

Serves 6

1pack 6x all-butter ready-made pastry cases
180ml/12tablespoons Crème D’isigny crème fraiche
1teaspoon icing sugar
1teaspoon vanilla bean paste or beans from 1 pod
Zest of ½ small orange
1xpunnet strawberries. You will need 1strawberry per tart or 2 if small, sliced from pointed-end to stalk-end yielding approx. 30 slices.

To make the filling

Measure the crème fraiche to a bowl and gently mix through the vanilla paste, icing sugar and orange zest.

Using a small, sharp pairing knife slice off the green stalk from the fruit. On a chopping board cut each strawberry into 5 slices lengthways, from top to bottom.

Set to one side in little piles. Pat the fruit with kitchen paper if really juicy.

To assemble

Use 2tablespoons of crème fraiche to fill each pastry case. Tease the filling towards the edge of the tartlets gently, with the back of a teaspoon. Finally, lay the strawberry slices to one side of each tartlet. You could if you felt the need, decorate with little edible flowers or a few slivered almonds. Yet I shall leave that up to you!


©Marcia Barrington May 2018

instagram: marciabarrington

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