It’s almost time to pull out the witches outfit and get ready for some trick or treating!  To give you a head start we’ve pulled together some of our favourite 5 minute spooky Halloween treats for your little monsters.  All you need are some willing little helpers and whatever treats you have lurking in your cupboard. If you liked our Easter Bark earlier this year, then you’ll love our skulls and spiders Halloween bark.


Halloween Bark

Similar to our Easter Bark all you do is melt a couple of bars of chocolate in a bowl over some steaming water. For this one we used approx 300g of mixed milk chocolate. Pour over a tray lined with greaseproof paper and add sweets, jellies, smarties or any Halloween coloured sprinkles. Break the bark by bending the greaseproof paper into shards – that way you avoid getting grubby finger prints on it. Pop a few shards in a cellophane bag with a bow for a very generous treat for your callers!

Popcorn Pouches

Drawing a few ghoulish silhouettes on some cellophane bags make these popcorn treats quick and easy to make. Prepare them in advance for your trick or treaters and let your kids get creative with some sharpies!

Dracula Fangs

For a bit of gore try these Dracula Fangs. All you need is a digestive biscuit snapped in half filled with red icing or jam and propped up by some mini marshmallows for teeth.

Marshmallow Eyeballs

Not much explanation needed for these but they are super easy and the kids seem to love them. All you need to do is add  a dot of icing sugar to stick the smartie to the marshmallow. Then use either some piped red icing or get an edible red icing pen to draw the blood.  We just made do with glitter gel icing which was a bit sticky but totally acceptable for our little pumpkins.

Oreo Bats

These are a little dangerous to make: one bat wing for the bat, one for me… Super fun for kids. We used the new ‘double’ cream filling Oreos for the body and a half a broken one for the wings. They squidge in nicely. Waitrose do cute mini meringue pods in their baking section for eyes.