This is hands down the best breakfast to hit the toaster since sliced bread! If you are bored of standard breakfast fare then you need sweet potato toast in your life! Unlike traditional toast, sweet potato toast is totally gluten free so it’s the perfect bread alternative. Originally the genius idea of blogger Kelsey from Littlebitsof, this simple idea has taken off and is the IT toast of the global breakfast table.

The best thing about sweet potato toast is the endless fun you can have with sweet or savoury toppings such as poached eggs, avocado, banana, hummus, tahini or honey to name but a few.

You can toast or bake these bad boys and they are equally as tasty. Toasting them often requires 3-4 rounds of the toaster to ensure they are cooked through (they may burn a little but it adds to the taste). Roasting takes around 20 mins but the plus side is that you can bake a large batch in one go.

Once cooked, allow to cool a little before adding your toppings. Don’t be expecting the crunch you get from normal toast, you won’t find it but at the same time it’s not mushy either. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the taste!  Why not bake a batch for the week in advance – just allow to cool and store in an airtight container in the fridge. All you need to do is quickly re-heat in the toaster the next morning.

And if you weren’t already convinced don’t forget sweet potatoes are a rich source of fibre and they are packed with vitamins and minerals!

Toppings pictured above (from L to R): Tahini, banana & cinnamon, hummus, sliced avocado & radish, greek yogurt, strawberry & coconut shavings, hummus & cucumber, mashed avocado, sliced beetroot & crumbled feta.


  1. Heat oven to 200C if baking.
  2. Give potatoes a quick scrub to get any dirt off.
  3. Slice of the top and bottom points as these tend to burn.
  4. Using a wide blade knife (not a serrated one) cut approx 1/2″ width slices. Don’t slice too thin or the slices will curl when baked/toasted and they won’t hold their toppings.
  5. If toasting, pop in the toaster for 3-4 toasting rounds until the potato is tender.
  6. To bake just place potato slices on greaseproof paper and bake for approx 20-25 mins. You can turn half way through but not essential.
  7. Allow to cool a little before adding your toppings.

What You’ll Need 

  •  2 wide sweet potatoes (avoid long narrow ones. You should get 3-4 slices per potato)
  • A wide sharp knife
  • Your choice of toppings

Other serving suggestions


Creme fraiche & blueberries

Sliced tomato & cheese

Mashed avocado & poached egg

Tuna & sweetcorn

Peanut butter & banana

Mashed peas, smoked salmon & feta

Egg & watercress

Mixed berries, almond butter & pumpkin seeds

Tahini & honey

Slice sweet potato into approx 1/2″ slices

Baked slices on left, toasted slices on right.