American Cup Measurements (and no we are not talking bras here but baking) are often criticised for being inaccurate, difficult to use and messy. Many people have a preference for kitchen scales but here at Morello Life – we love American measuring cups, especially when baking recipes like Ina Garten’s amazing ‘Beatty’s Chocolate Cake (see Bite: Best Chocolate Cake Ever)

As far as we are concerned scales are just not as easy to use. They are also usually tucked away in a cupboard somewhere which adds to the hassle. Frankly, if you are cooking a recipe which cites American or Canadian measurements, who wants to spend time scientifically converting to imperial when we could be making delicious chocolate cake?

Despite the cry that ‘baking’ is science – we are happy to leave that one to the pros. After all many recipes are verbal family heirlooms handed down the generations with methods including ‘ a touch of this’ and a ‘a handful of that’.

American cup measurements are good value, easy to store and so simple to use.

Here are our tips on how to best use them.

  1. Just put the required ingredient in the measuring cup right up to the level marked on the cup.
  2. Tap the bottom of the cup until the ingredient levels.
  3. That’s it!

We love these American Retro Cups from Amazon at only £11.95 which come in four pretty pastel shades and have a tiny spout for liquid measurements too.

Lakeland also has some lovely classical cups called Artisan Hen priced at £16.99. Sophie Conran for Portmerion has a beautiful white set which will compliment any kitchen. (RRP £23.00 from John Lewis).

Happy Baking – the American way.