Did you know that one of the BEST things you can do for your health is to drink more water?

We all know we should be downing H2O but its only when you actually read the enormous list of benefits that we really sit up and take notice.

There is serious evidence to suggest that staying hydrated is one of the main ways you can stay free of disease, keep mentally alert, get stronger, sleep better and even lose weight.

Check these little water nuggets for more info and hopefully we can entice you to become a hydration station.

1. You’ll Lose Weight

Woo Hoo! Did you know that the more you drink the more you will shrink? Can it really be that easy? Well it appears that if you drink your recommended 2 litres a day, you will naturally eat less as most of us mistake our hunger for thirst.  Also, keeping our tummies full of water naturally decreases our appreciate as it leaves less room to stuff it with food. One study shows that we can drop as much as 200 calories a day. Forget the gym; drink water as your workout.

2. Your Skin Will Glow

This is an obvious point but often understated. It is clear that if you are not drinking enough then your skin will be dryer and flakier but no one tells you that if you are fully hydrated your skin will be more radiant, healthier, younger looking and less lined. The whites of your eyes will also pop!

3. You Will Have more Energy

Everything in the body works better when we are hydrated including our metabolism, so as our body becomes more efficient it works better, naturally giving you more energy. It is a well known fact that dehydration makes you tired.

4. Your Memory Will Improve

Drinking water and memory function are integrally linked. Our brains are approximately 85% water. Drinking water helps us concentrate by staying fresh and alert.

5. Digestion Will Improve

Drinking enough water maintains our fluid balance and adds fluid to the colon which helps things move through the body (ahem).

6. You Will Sleep Better

Thirst is one of the key things that interrupts the sleep cycle leading to fragmented sleep, disruptive snoring and a parched mouth. Drinking a glass of cold water before bed will improve the quality of your sleep immeasurably.

7. Boost Your Immune System

Water helps flush toxins as well as transport nutrients and oxygen around our bodies thereby boosting our immunity

 8. You Will Be Stronger

If you drink adequate fluids  prevent muscle helps to build new muscle tissue. When muscles don’t have enough water they get really tired so if you are feeling weak have a good long drink of water and after 15 minutes try again.

9. Your Cholesterol will Improve

When you are dehydrated, the blood becomes more acidic landing to a build up in LDL levels of cholesterol. Drinking enough water will eliminate excess build up of cholesterol waste from your body.

10.You will Live Longer

This is because of all the reasons listed above.

Drink up now.


  1. Drink a large glass of water on waking before your normal coffee or tea.
  2. Carry a water bottle around with you so that you can measure how much you have drunk. See our fave in Cherry Picked Shop.
  3. Add a slice of lemon/ sprig of mint/slice of cucumber to vary the taste.
  4. Always have a drink of water before or with every snack or meal.
  5. Download a water app to track your intake. Hi DrateSpark is a great one.