At just 30 calories a pop, the new Frosé popsicle is the perfect cool-me-down and pick-me-up option this Summer!

Summer has arrived and so have long lazy lunches in the garden with refreshing glasses of Rosé. Or so we thought. We have discovered a whole new way of enjoying our favourite tipple whilst keeping refreshingly cool at the same time. Pops, the pioneers in premium popsicles have just launched a new range for Summer 2107.  Make a space in your freezer this very instant, there’s a new Frosé popsicle in town! Just launched last month, each mouthwatering frose popsicle contains a half glass of Rosé blended with fresh raspberries. It’s 4.3% ABV and at just 30 calories a pop it is practically guilt free!

POPS have been around since 2014, founded by two old school friends Harry & James. They had a vision of combining the luxury cues of champagne & prosecco with the nostalgia of the popsicle.  They launched the worlds’ first Champagne popsicle which had everyone bubbling with excitement (sorry, couldn’t help ourselves).

What other delights can they tempt you with? Step into their NAUGHTY range (don’t mind if we do) with CLASSIC: Champagne, BELLINI: Prosecco & Peach and the LIMITED EDITION Moscow Mule. And for a non alcoholic cool down, you’ll love their NICE range of Strawberry & Mint and Apple & Elderflower.

And if that wasn’t enough to have you scrambling to add a box onto your next Ocado order, wait, there’s more! Alongside the new Frosé popsicle is Watermelon Martini (vodka & watermelon) and Chilly Mango (yes, with chilli!).  The Summer has just got a while lot more fun this year. (read below where you can buy POPS)

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Vodka & Watermelon, 4.8% ABV, 50 Calories

Rose & Raspberry, 4.3% ABV, 30 Calories

Chilly Mango, alcohol free, 51 calories


You can get pick up POPS popsicles from Ocado, Amazon Fresh, Harvey Nichols as well as other leading independent stores and delis.

Prices: (for a multipack 3x80ml) Frose £5.99, Watermelon Martini £5.99, Chill Mango (alcohol free) £3.49, Classic (Champagne) £6.99, Bellini £5.99, Strawberry & Mint £3.49