“How cool is it to use scent to create your very own narrative, or celebrate a memory. This range offers a whole new concept of individuality, of allowing us to select our own smell to reflect our state of mind on a daily basis”

Smelling of G & T

If we stumble into the playground in the mornings smelling faintly of gin & tonic this week, then do not be alarmed. Whilst we may have indeed been drinking the hard stuff the night before, it is more likely that we are wearing our new scents from The Library of Fragrance. This innovative New York based company creates fragrances that capture all the wonderful smells that surround us every day but are under appreciated in our busy, pressured, multi-tasking world.

The Range

It is easy to see why this brand is quickly gathering a loyal cult following as it is really quirky, fun and playful. The first three scents to be launched in NYC were – Dirt, Grass and Tomato  and now there are over 300 unique fragrances in The Library of Fragrance collection – 101 of these are available in the UK with a curated selection available exclusively at Boots. The rest of the range are available to buy online directly from the Library of Fragrance. The price is a snip at £15 for a 30ml bottle, and it seems there are frequently  ‘2 for £25’ promotion at Boots. Bargain!

A Linear Structure

They also have a linear structure, as opposed to traditionally composed fragrances which have ‘top’, ‘heart’ and ‘base’ notes, so that the smell won’t change on your skin over time. This is because they are designed to directly represent an object or experience. For example, the scent of baby powder does not change over time, so neither does the Baby Powder fragrance.

One huge benefit of linear fragrances is that it is really easy to identify the fragrances that you want. If you like a product from The Library of Fragrance after 30 seconds of spraying it on (allow 30 seconds for the formula to settle), you can be sure that you will like it for its duration – it will not change over the course of the day or evening.


We absolutely love this idea of creating your own bespoke scent by layering other fragrances on top. Jo Malone also offers this as an option with her more floral scents but this is a totally different concept as the fragrances are so diverse.You can basically mix and match your favourite smells to create more complex scented settings / scenarios.

The most basic rule of thumb is that if things smell good together in real life, they will smell good on you. For example, ‘Grass’ + ‘Sunshine’ + ‘Vanilla Ice Cream’ smell incredible worn together, perfectly conjuring a summer day’s stroll in the park, whilst ‘Gingerbread’ + ‘Marshmallow’ is a comforting duo that gourmand fragrance fans will fall for.”

The Unusual

Now we understand this range might be a bit marmite (now that would be a scent to try to create a talking point) but we love it. How cool is it to use your scent to create your very own narrative, or celebrate a memory rather than just to ‘smell nice’. This range offers a whole new concept of individuality, of allowing us to select our own smell on a daily basis. I feel like this today (Gin & Tonic + tobacco) if you want to express your regretful hungover state silently.

Subtle or Strong?

All of the fragrances are Cologne Sprays and typically contain around 2-8% of Perfume Oil which makes them ideal for layering. Most of them lasts around 4-5 hours but as they are designed to replicate real smells the scents are sometimes subtle and sometimes strong – the scent of rain is pleasantly light but as you can imagine expresso is much stronger so therefore easier to detect.

The Library of Fragrance has completely won us over. The smells are authentic, cute and unusual. Who knew playing with perfume could be so much fun?

The Art of Layering – some suggestions;

Morello Life = Cherry Blossom + Chocolate Covered Cherries + Gin & Tonic

Festival Fun = Bonfire + Moonbeam + Dirt + Chai Tea

Yummy Mummy = Baby Powder + Play Doh

Desperate Housewife Chic = Fresh Laundry + Vanilla Cake Batter

Work Style = Espresso + Clean Skin

Holiday Glow = Ocean + Sunshine + Caipirinha

Father’s Day = Sandalwood + Pipe Tobacco + Leather

Make your own combinations at www.libraryoffragrance.com