We have to admit to being late adopters to Love Island. At first the thought of watching a bunch of beautiful yet intellectually challenged millennials strut around in bikinis or flexing their pecs in luxury paradise was our idea of absolute HELL. But EVERYBODY was talking the talk so we promised we would watch one episode so we could join in the chat.

Oh dear. That one episode turned into two and we are embarrassed to admit that now we too are addicted. (Please don’t judge us – join us!). Love Island is a microcosm of life and watching the friendship, loyalty, chemistry and rejection playout is a fascinating study in human behaviour (yes of course we are self justifying…)

The biggest challenge for us is trying to understand what the hell they are talking about….some of the conversations have had us scratching our heads in bewilderment. Clearly there is a whole new language we need to learn. If this is true for you too, here is the Morello Life guide to translating the Love Island Lingo…


Sliding in the DM’s

At first we thought this had something to do with Doc Martin’s being too big – certainly in our hey day this would have made sense but no, it seems that ‘sliding in the DM’s’ means that they have flirting on social media with a view to getting into people’s pants. The DM stands for direct messaging not shoes. So now you know.

Mugged Off

This is millennial mafia talk. To be mugged off is to be disrespected and treated like a mug. Makes sense if you think about it.

Do Bits

Not to be confused with Orange Juice. To do bits is to have ticked off a few action points on the sexual agenda but not actual sex. Just everything else. We’re not at all sure about this one.


In the 1990’s this was dumped, sacked, finished with. Now its ignored, rejected, slammed. Like a pie in the eye. We likey.

Crack On

This essentially hasn’t changed its usage as a description . It used to be to describe being busy at work – now it’s cracking on to a person. Flirtation and seduction is now a job.

Being Salty (love this one!)

When you’re being off with someone you are being ‘salty’. This one has been adopted into our vocabulary. Good use of description sourface.


An older term we get. Sweet is the opposite of salty. Mean’s great, brilliant, ‘ace’ if you were alive in the 1990’s.

Stick it on Him/Her

We THINK this means to flirt heavily. To lay it on thickly. Meaning changes if your ‘on’ changes to ‘in’.


This one is super cute. The definition is being soft or acting pathetically over a love interest. Sweet.


If you’re watching Love Island then the definition is a male slut who disrespects women. Never, ever  a good thing. It did mean Adam until he became a melt over Zara.

Throwing some Shade

This means someone is giving you some dirty looks, being rude or disrespecting you.


To buzz like a Bee, to be excited and energised. Buzz. Buzz.

Digging Out

This unfortunate phrase does not mean what you might think. It means ‘having a dig’ at someone unless you look it up on the Urban Dictionary where it’s definition is much ruder.

You’re my type

On the surface this means what you think it means. I am attracted to you but on Love Island this is a red bottom baboon wave for sex.

So don’t mug us off, crack on and slide into the DM’s with Morello Life (we’re on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook) and we will be buzzin’. Sweet. Ta.