Vox by Christina Dalcher

Imagine a world where women live their lives in almost complete silence. Where your daily conversation is limited to just 100 words. Any more than that would result in a thousand volts electric shock transmitted through your veins. Almost overnight life has changed in America but only if you are a woman. The new totalitarian religious government reigns power: pens and paper are forbidden, books and sign language a punishable offence. For Jean McClellan silence is not an option. For herself, her daughter and every woman silenced, she is prepared to kill to find her voice, whatever the consequences.

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If you loved The Handmaids Tale, you will really enjoy this novel. In Dalcher’s ‘near-future’ America the country has descended into full-scale misogyny which started when the Bible Belt Southern states of America started to expand. It then quickly morphed into the ‘Pure Movement’ which effectively catapulted the country back to the 1950’s. Women and even young girls have been muted by the Pure Movement and ordered to wear shock inducing bracelets. The premise of women’s oppression is so apt today and although the plot gets a little murky towards the end we were still drawn in and captivated by it.

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