Adventure is a state of mind, a spirit of trying something new and leaving your comfort zone. It’s about enthusiasm, ambition, open-mindedness and curiosity – Alastair Humphreys

If you haven’t heard of a Microadventure before, this philosophy helps you appreciate life, the beauty around you whilst building fun memories. Microadventures are about grasping life by the horns and really and truly squeezing every drop of experience from it. But in bite size chunks (it was made for Morello 🍒). These adventures are not six months in the planning or about you scrambling for sponsorship for your 100km charity walk. They are just short bursts of simple pleasures in the outdoors within an hour of your doorstep.

The whole trend was started by Alastair Humphreys who won National Geographic Adventurer of the year and has written 9 books including “Microadventures“. He’s an adventure junkie who has biked 46,000 miles across 60 countries, rowed across the Atlantic and done numerous crazy challenges. In fact the more difficult the challenge the better. But as awe inspiring as his accolades were, most of us would only watch them on TV or read about them in his books. He soon came to the realisation that to make adventures more accessible they had to be easy, short on time and affordable.  And so microadventures was born.  Alastair’s reasoning is that adventure is more of an attitude than anything else and so all you need to do is take the same philosophy of a big adventure and recreate it locally.

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To prove his point Alastair then spent a year finding adventure closer to home (starting with a 120 walk around the M25 with a friend, which as it happened, turned into a real adventure!).  Not that we would advocate a hike down the M4 but really if you can create a mini adventure pounding a motorway surrounded by cars and pollution then imagine what you can experience in the great outdoors.  The appeal of micro adventures is that they make getting outdoors easy even for those who are not that outdoorsy. All you need is a backpack, a vague plan and a bit of gumption.


This is just a really easy place to start. Get out your map and circle a mile outside of where you live. Is there a trail or a bridleway you never knew existed? A river you wanted to dive into before breakfast? An old church you have never explored? A hill you always wanted to climb? Do it at night and watch the stars. Do it to see the sun vanish behind the horizon. Do it to hear the morning bird call or to see a part of the city wake up. Whatever you do, just get out and do it.

For some more ideas Check out Alastair’s tips on how to find a location for your microadventure.

Look at the familiar in an unfamiliar way and you will find beauty – Alaistair Humphreys


When we were kids we had oodles of freedom, we climbed trees, got dirty, used our imaginations and trundled home when our bellies rumbled. Creating family micro adventures gets your kids is a fun and easy way to disentangle them from their devices and actually see and experience the world around them. Your micro adventure can be as small or as big as you want it to be. Having a picnic in the back garden seems so small it couldn’t be an adventure but look at it through the eyes of a four year old. The sandwiches are far tastier, the fruit is juicier and the smiles are bigger.  Like anything you just need to start somewhere.  To test the theory last weekend we hiked through the countryside in search of the carrot (the Sunday pub for lunch). We made a map from the outer bark of our birch tree that had fallen off.  It was one minute in the making with squiggles for pirate routes and treasure but it allowed for magical imagination. Next step camping in the garden with roasted marshmallows, torches and bed time stories under the stars.


  • Camp overnight in your back garden
  • Roast marshmallows on a fire or BBQ (see Alaistair’s advice on lighting fires)
  • On a warm summer’s evening break convention and take a 30 minute walk to the woods before bed with a little ‘midnight feast’ snack to have listening to the sound of bedtime
  • Sleep under the stars in sleeping bags with their clothes on
  • Do a nature treasure trail
  • Take paintbrushes and a sketch pad to a field and paint what they see
  • Pack a picnic and go for a walk through the countryside
  • Play hide and seek in the forest or build a camp
  • Take them on a bike ride down a river path
  • Take a net and a jam jar down to a local pond and do your very own ecology study

To get a better feel of what micro adventures are all about check out one of Alastair’s videos on YouTube.

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